Many Tempe residents agree: living here is an amazing experience. You have college sports and theater with Arizona State University and ASU Gammage in your backyard, an array of theatre and art options at the Tempe Center for the Arts, and numerous recreational activities at Tempe Town Lake.

But  of course there’s that challenge that always rears its ugly head during the summer months: the unbearable heat. Staying cool during these hellish summer months can be quite a challenge.

Do You Have an Air Conditioning Problem at Your Tempe Home or Commercial Building?

Many of us don’t give our air-conditioning a second thought until it’s too late. Perhaps we get home at the end of a work day to find stifling indoor heat there to greet us.

There are a handful of red flags Tempe residents should be on the lookout for. These are symptoms that can usually be treated without an interruption to your inflow of cool air. Those red flags include:

  • The system frequently turning on and off. This can wear down the compressor and air fans. Wires and terminals can corrode, requiring the services of a trained professional.
  • Sensor issues. If the sensor isn’t in exactly the right spot, the unit might act up, acting sketchy.
  • Dirt infiltrating filters and the coils of the unit. This can lead to the air conditioner performing below acceptable levels.
  • Leaks in the refrigerant. The fix for this is more than just topping off the refrigerant. A professional should be called out to repair the hole, test it to make sure it’s functioning with the fix, and determine how much new refrigerant is required to operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Humid weather. During monsoon season, you should keep an eye on the condensate drain clogging or not working correctly.

Local residents will find that a trustworthy Tempe Az air conditioning can determine exactly what’s wrong with your unit and will take all the time you need to lay out your options. Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has given superior customer service to Tempe residents for more than six decades.

If your air conditioning unit starts acting up in any way, you’ll want a company you can rely on. Call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling for a service call. We’d love to help! Call (480) 359-7141. 

AC Repair and Service in Tempe AZ

Tips To Keep Your Family Comfortable In Tempe, Arizona

The summer months don’t have to be miserable. There are plenty of ways to make the heat more tolerable and save on your energy bill. Things that should be at the top of your summer to-do list include:

  • Seal up your doors and windows. When properly sealed, warm outdoor air won’t be able to seep through door and window edges. Rubber weatherstripping does the trick.
  • Make shade by planting trees and shrubs outside your house.
  • Along with your air conditioning, set up some portable fans in your house. This will help the air circulate while keeping the thermostat down a couple degrees.
  • Keep the sun out. That means shutting the blinds, curtains and shutters during the heat of the day when the sun is beating down on those sides of the house.
  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs. They provide the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb, but at just one-fifth the heat and energy used.
  • Make sure you put in a new air filter monthly so your unit stays in tip-top shape.
  • Call out a professional air conditioning repair in Tempe to inspect and service your air-conditioning unit every year.

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