Living in Phoenix, AZ has a host of benefits, including the gamut of professional sports. Fans can watch the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field, the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium, and the Phoenix Suns at US Airways Center.

Of course, Phoenix is also well known for its brutal summer heat and as the fall and winter months roll around, it’s a welcome respite. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that it gets downright cold in the winter months. That’s why it’s important to call a professional Phoenix Az Heating company to give your heat pump and furnace a seasonal maintenance to make sure it functions smoothly and efficiently through the winter.

Some of the things your Phoenix heating and cooling contractor will do once he comes out include:

  • Looking for any rust or back-drafting of the flue piping.
  • Examining your systems control to make sure it starts, functions, and turns off when it should.
  • Checking all the electrical connections, tightening up any loose connections and fixing any voltage problems to ensure it stays safe.
  • Examining all the potential sources of fire hazard. This includes gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger. If needed, burners will be cleaned and cracked heat exchangers will be repaired.
  • Determining if the system is dirty or malfunctioning in a way that could lead to carbon monoxide emission. If so, the contractor will get your system carbon monoxide-free.
  • Looking at the motor in general and, if necessary, lubricating moving parts so everything runs smoothly throughout the cold season.
  • A look at the condensate drain. Clogging can lead to furnace damage and an uncomfortably humid house.
  • Checking your thermostat for proper calibration. If it’s not calibrated properly, your heat pump won’t be as efficient as it could be.

Heating Repair in Phoenix AZ

One your heat pump and furnace are in tip-top shape and ready to take on the chilly season, there are a few more things you can do to keep your family cozy and comfortable while trimming your Phoenix utility costs in the months ahead, including:

  • Being diligent about replacing your air filters every month. Your system functions at its best when the filters are clean. Extra dirt makes the system work harder, triggering your energy bill to go up and reducing the life of your system.
  • Weather-stripping any drafts you have in your windows or under your doors.
  • Taking advantage of a programmable thermostat. You can turn it down at bedtime and when everyone’s away from the house during the day.
  • Changing the direction of your ceiling fans. Turn them counter-clockwise and warm air will spill down into the room.
  • Letting the light in. Since summer’s gone, there’s no reason to be living in a dark cave. Open the shutters, blind, and curtains and let the sun shine through and warm up your house.
  • Baking up a storm. Take advantage of the oven’s heat to warm up your house.

Don’t let the cold weather sneak up on you. If you call out a HVAC company to check your heat pump and furnace and conduct seasonal maintenance and tune-up, you’ll have full peace of mind knowing your system is working efficiently and you won’t need any surprise repairs in the middle of a cold spell.

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