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Living in Gilbert has many pluses: the proximity to the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch to enjoy nature, shopping at San Tan Village, and leisurely strolls in the quaint, historic Heritage District.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to life in Gilbert is enduring the summer months, when the mercury soars into the triple digits on a daily basis.

What To Do if an Air Conditioning Problem Strikes in Your Gilbert, AZ Home or Commercial Building

Many of us are guilty of taking our air conditioner for granted. We sit in the comfort of our cool home, but the minute something goes wrong, we curse it and sweat it out as we wait for a professional to come to our rescue.

If you want to save money and thwart any major repairs, there are some things you should keep an eye on, including:

  • Dirty filters and coils. Too much dirt can clog and ultimately under-perform. You should change your filter monthly and hire a contractor to check out the coils.
  • The sensor. Make sure it is in place. Any little movement can cause the air conditioner to get out of whack and behave bizarrely.
  • How often you turn your air conditioner on and off. If you turn it on and off too frequently, the compressor and air fans wear out and cause corrosion. If this happens, an HVAC contractor should come out to check the connections.
  • Any extra moisture. Sometimes there can be issues involving drainage. This is more likely during Gilbert’s monsoon season during times of humidity and rain.
  • Refrigerant leaking. It may seem like the fix is simply topping off the solution, but that’s not the case. A professional contractor should actually repair the leak and test it to ensure it’s fixed for good.

If you want to keep your cool during the brutal summer months, then you’ll want an HVAC company with a commitment to customer service for all your Gilbert Az air conditioning needs, whether it’s an inspection, repair, or installment.

Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has been providing residents with the best HVAC installation and air conditioning repair in Gilbert Arizona as well as unrivaled HVAC service for the past 64 years. If you want a company that will promptly inspect your air conditioner, determine what you need to do to keep it running smoothly and fully explain all your options, then call Scottsdale Air for a service call at (480) 359-7141

AC Repair and Service in Gilbert AZ

Tips for Keeping Your Family Comfortable in Gilbert, AZ

But you don’t have to leave town for weeks at a time. There are plenty of ways to keep your family cool in the comfort of your Gilbert, Arizona home.

Some things you can do when it starts to heat up include:

  • Embrace the semi-darkness. Close all your window treatments, whether it’s the shutters, curtains or blinds. When the morning and afternoon sun is beating down on your house, this will keep out some of the heat.
  • Create shade. Go to your local nursery and ask about fast-growing trees and plant a couple outside windows that get the most sun. This will shade the side of your house as well as cause the temperature to drop a few degrees in the vicinity of the tree.
  • Enhance with fans. Install ceiling fans throughout your house. And invest in some portable fans to use in bedrooms and family rooms or any other spots where family members spend a lot of time. You can set your thermostat a couple degrees lower when a fan is moving air around.
  • Give your doors and windows a check. Is there a draft? If so, hot air can seep in from outside. All you need to do is make a trip to the hardware store and buy some rubber weatherstripping to place at the bottom of door jams and inside windowpanes.
  • Get energy efficient light bulbs. Chuck the heat-inducing incandescent bulbs and opt instead for compact fluorescents. This switch-out translates to using just one-fifth the heat and energy.
  • Stay on top of replacing air conditioner filters. For optimum performance, you should switch out your filter about once a month during heavy-use season.
  • Call a qualified HVAC contractor to inspect and service your air conditioner to ensure it is in tip-top shape and ready for heavy use during the summer months.

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