If you live in Chandler, AZ you know there’s a wide variety of activities to keep you busy. Shoppers love Chandler Fashion Center, race enthusiasts flock to Firebird International Raceway, and those passionate about the arts clamor to Chandler Center for the Arts.

Chandler, Arizona residents especially love when the cold winter months roll around, providing a welcome respite from the summer heat. But sometimes the crisp winter chill can take us by surprise. During these times, we rely on our heat pump and furnace to keep us cozy.

But don’t take that coziness for granted. Regular tune-ups and maintenance are instrumental in preventing huge problems in the future, extending the life of your system, and ultimately saving you money.

There are generally a series of steps you can expect when you call out a Chandler, AZ HVAC company to come out for a seasonal tune-up and maintenance, including:

  • Calibrating your thermostat. Any little alteration and your house won’t heat as efficiently as it should.
  • Making sure all your systems controls are working and that it starts, runs and goes off as it is supposed to.
  • Examining for any potential carbon monoxide emissions. If your system is dirty or not working properly, your family could be at risk of the deadly gas. A contractor will ensure your furnace is carbon monoxide-free.
  • Checking electric connections. A reputable contractor will tighten up anything that’s loose or fix any improper voltage problems. This is a vital step to ensure safety of the heat pump and heating system.
  • Taking a look at gas pressure, burner combustion, and the heat exchanger. These are other potential sources of fire hazards. Dirty burners and cracked heat exchangers can cause the system to be ineffective and inefficient.
  • Checking for signs of rust or back-drafting of the flue piping.
  • Inspecting the motor and lubricating moving parts.
  • Observing the condensate drain to make sure there isn’t any clogging. Extra water could hurt the furnace and create humidity in the house.

Heating Repair in Chandler AZ

Meanwhile, there are some other simple steps you can take in your Chandler, Arizona home to keep your family warm as it begins to cool down, including:

  • Change your air filters every month to keep your system running smoothly.
  • Check your doors and windows for drafts. If you find any, there is a simple fix. Simply head to your local hardware store or grab some rubber weather-stripping to seal up the window panes and bottom of the doors.
  • Lighten up your rooms by opening your blinds, shutters, and draperies. Enjoy the winter sunshine!
  • Install a programmable thermostat if you haven’t already. This is a big energy and money saver because it lets you turn the heat down while you’re away at work or school or at night when you’re sleeping and covered with your electric blanket.
  • Don’t neglect the ceiling fans. Turn them counter-clockwise and warm air will shoot down into the room.
  • Cook strategically. Cook and bake during cold times of the day — morning and evening — to warm up your kitchen and get the heat moving throughout that part of your house.

So as you start thinking about what you need to do for winter in terms of home maintenance, be sure to put your heat pump at the top of the list. Call an HVAC Chandler Az heating company with a stellar reputation for performance and customer service for a heat pump tune-up and maintenance.

Scottsdale Air Heating and Cooling has been providing residents with the best HVAC installation and heating repair in Chandler Arizona for the past 64 years.  Call now to get your heater and heat pump checked out for the season, or if you’re in need of repair, you’ll want a company you can trust. Give Scottsdale Air Heating and Cooling a call today at (480) 359-7141.

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