Chandler residents love the many benefits of their city: the easy access to Chandler Fashion Center, Firebird International Raceway, and Chandler Center for the Arts.

Perhaps the one downfall to this great city is figuring out how to stay cool during the blistering summer months.

If You Have an Air Conditioning Problems in Chandler, AZ

Your air conditioning is something you rarely give a second thought to until something goes wrong and you realize how you depend on and appreciate the vital role it plays during your summer days. Some of the things that can go wrong and cause you a lot of headaches (and potential heat stroke) if you don’t keep up on them include:

  • Faulty filters and coils. Dirt can build up and lead to inefficient cooling. All it takes is regular maintenance to prevent dirt build-up.
  • Frequently turning your air conditioner on and off. Too much can corrode the wires and terminals and cause the air fans to wear out.
  • Moisture build-up. This can happen when it’s humid, like during Chandler’s summer monsoon period, or from any draining or clogging issues where there is standing water. This can potentially lead to bad odors, mildew or mold.
  • Making sure everything is ok with the sensor. Any little bump can make a BIG impact on the consistency of your air-conditioner unit. A sensor measures the temperature of the air entering the evaporative coil. If it moves, even just a little, the whole unit can act erratically.
  • Keeping an eye on the refrigerant level.  Your unit will only operate at the optimum level when it has just the right amount of refrigerant prescribed by the manufacturer. If you spot any leakage, an HVAC company should be contacted to fix the leak, test it, and determine how much refrigerant is needed.

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 Keeping Your Family Comfortable in Chandler, Arizona

When you live in Arizona, you can’t just sit back and hope for the best when it comes to staying comfortable in the summer. You have to be vigilant and take the time and effort to stay as cool as possible. Some of the things you should be doing include:

  • Focusing on your window treatments. All blinds, shutters, and curtains should stay closed during the hottest parts of the day and the periods in which the sun is striking down on those particular sides of the house.
  • Rendering the services of a professional HVAC company at the start of each summer season. A qualified contractor will carefully inspect your air-conditioner and provide any service needed to keep it running smoothly throughout the blazing summer months.
  • Heading to the home improvement store to buy some portable and ceiling fans. Portable fans can easily be moved from room to room and both types of fans will make if feel a few degrees cooler than it actually is.
  • Keeping a stock of air filters on hand. In order to keep your air conditioner running effectively, it’s best to replace your filter once a month. Otherwise you risk your air conditioner working harder, leading to higher utility bills and not staying as cool as you could.
  • Thinking about  what can be done outdoors. Plant some fast-growing trees on the north, west, and east sides of your house. The eventual shade will give you some relief and area in the vicinity of the trees will drop in temperature by a couple degrees.
  • Closing up any drafts in your windows or doors by window stripping. All it takes is a little rubber weather stripping inside your windowpanes and at the bottom of doors to seal any leaks.

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