financing an air conditioning unit in Tempe

Financing an Air Conditioning Unit in Tempe (3 Benefits)

financing an air conditioning unit in TempeWhen you’re thinking about purchasing a new air conditioner for your Arizona home, you might be wondering about your payment options. In the past, most people were forced to pay the entire cost of their conditioner up front, preventing many homeowners from getting the air conditioner that they wanted. Now, however, there are a wide variety of AC financing payment options that allow you to purchase the perfect air conditioner for you. Read on to learn the benefits of financing an air conditioning unit in Tempe, and why you need a trusted company to perform your Tempe AZ central AC install. Read more

2013 Energy Tax Credit Applies To Some AC and Heating Units

2013 Energy Tax CreditIf you are in the market for a new AC or heating unit, you might be surprised to learn that you can qualify for an energy tax credit of up to $300.00. It’s true – in fact, back in 2011 the United States Congress passed a piece of legislation as a part of the stimulus package that would reward individual home owners with an energy tax credit if they purchase certain Energy Star® rated major appliances. The purpose for this was to not only help people save a little money in time of economic uncertainty, but also to provide some incentive to purchase a highly energy efficient unit that helps to protect the global environment and save you money on your monthly energy bills.

However, just like any other federal government program, there are certain rules and standards that apply in order for you to receive the energy tax credit and rebate for the tax year you purchased and installed the qualified item. In order to clarify any confusion, here are some of the basic bullet points along with some facts about this program to permit you to make an informed decision. Read more

5 Summer Energy Saving Tips You Can Take to the Bank

Summer Energy Saving TipsAs the temperature rises, many people look for summer energy saving tips that not only will help them save money, but also allow them to live comfortably. The problem with many energy saving tips is that they tend to significantly impact your daily routines, can cause the home to be uncomfortable or even worse, require a complete restructuring of normal routines. However, if you follow these five simple summer energy saving tips, you’ll be able to live comfortably, but not significantly change the way you live each day. Read more

Are Variable Speed Air Conditioning Units Better in Arizona Weather?

variable speed air conditioners best for scottsdale AZLiving in Arizona during the fall, winter and spring can be very comfortable for virtually anybody. However, in summertime it gets down right hot in the desert. It is at this time that using variable speed air conditioning units can be highly effective in keeping an enclosed space cool – in a highly efficient manner. These units are rather new to the HVAC industry, yet they provide a tremendous amount of beneficial use – especially here in Arizona.


Here are some of the best reasons that anybody living in Arizona should consider using variable speed air conditioning units in their homes, offices or any location.

1) Efficient Use of Electricity

Variable speed air conditioning unit are extremely efficient units that can save Arizona residents money on their monthly electrical bill. Traditionally, variable speed air conditioning units operate at much lower speeds than traditional units and as a result, they use much less energy than traditional units. In fact, typical variable speed units will use 80% less electricity than similar sized constant speed air conditioning units. And when you use air conditioning frequently in the Valley of the Sun, this can significantly reduce your monthly energy usage – which saves money each month. Read more

Why HVAC Load Calculations Are Important for your Scottsdale Home or Business?

Anytime a new home or business building is constructed, the builders often rely on the expertise of HVAC contractors to ensure that the HVAC load calculations are set to appropriate settings that will allow the building to be safe and highly energy efficient. The days of clean and energy efficient HVAC systems are more common than in years past – where the best way to keep your house of building cool or heated was through operation of the windows.

However, the purpose and process of creating effective HVAC load calculations are very critical in today’s construction ac and heating load calculations azworld. And there are many reasons why this important step is crucial for both business and home locations.

HVAC load calculations require a lot of time and especially tremendous attention to the details to ensure any business or home unit is properly heated and cooled. Most HVAC contractors used to rely on several rules of thumb which determined the size of heating and cooling systems they install for each building. As a general rule of thumb, this meant that for every 500 square feet of conditioned floor area, they’d need one ton of air.

However, this method has evolved over the years and today’s HVAC contractors have put the thumbs away and use technical HVAC load calculation software to make sure that they provide energy efficient heating and cooling standards. Read more

3 Window Replacement Myths for Saving Money on Energy Costs

Saving Money on Energy CostsIt has been an argued question for many years, but there seems to be no clear answer to the question of whether installing new home windows in an older house will in fact save you money on your energy bill. Just like any opinionated question asked, there are always two-sides to a reply. And determining what end of the process you are in – there tends to be an answer to support your argument.

So, instead of trying to determine whether or not window replacement in an older home will actually be saving money on energy costs, let’s look at some of the traditional myths of replacing windows, supported with facts which will allow you to make a much more informed decision.

Myth #1: Installing replacement windows will save you money in energy bills

According to documentation provided by several consumer groups, if an average homeowner installs new windows in their older home, they can save up to $50.00 per month. But, you have to read the fine print with these statements. This requires replacing (on the average) 24-30 windows in your house. Read more