Bryant Air Purification System

Bryant Air Purification System: Does it Really Work?

Bryant Air Purification SystemAs a homeowner in Scottsdale, one of the things you probably care about the most is keeping your home as clean as possible, and this commitment to cleanliness should extend to your home’s air. If you’ve been researching the best ways to improve the air quality in your home, then one of the solutions that you need to learn more about is the Bryant Air Purification system.

Bryant produces some of the best air purifiers on the market, capable of removing most contaminants and drastically improving the air quality in your home. Learn how a Bryant Air Purification System works, and find out if this is the right system to handle the air quality in your home. Read more

3 Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing Questions to Ask

residential indoor air quality testingMaintaining the air quality in your home requires constant vigilance, making sure your system is up to snuff all year long. The most important task in keeping your home’s air quality high is making sure that all your ducts are sealed, preventing dirt, debris and allergens from infiltrating your air.

To make sure that the job of sealing ducts is done correctly, many Scottsdale homeowners choose to partner with an air conditioning professional. However, what many people don’t know is that there are a few questions to ask, to make sure you’re getting the best service possible. Keep reading to learn three questions you should ask your AC professional when undergoing residential indoor air quality testing. Read more

how to find air duct leaks

How to Find Air Duct Leaks in Your Scottsdale Home

how to find air duct leaksAs a cost-conscious homeowner, you want to make sure that your home is as efficient as possible, and this includes your air conditioner. However, it can be easy to ignore this appliance, and when your air conditioner unnoticeably runs below peak efficiency, it can result in a very frustrating situation. The main culprit in air conditioner inefficiency is air leaks within your system, causing heat and air loss, alongside increased energy bills.

Addressing these air leaks early on will ensure maximum air conditioner performance and the low energy costs that you need as a homeowner. Learn how to find air duct leaks so that your Scottsdale air conditioner is running at its peak efficiency all year long. Read more

guardian air reme scottsdale installation

4 Benefits of a Guardian Air REME Scottsdale Installation

guardian air reme scottsdale installationFinding affordable ways to improve indoor air quality is a focus for residential homeowners in Scottsdale. The facts don’t lie – indoor air quality can lead to allergy attacks, COPD flair-ups and even spreading of common colds, flu and other airborne illnesses. However, recent studies have confirmed that by taking proactive measures to improve the indoor air quality by use of a professional air purification system, the chances of having respiratory illness or attacks reduces dramatically.

Here are five of the best reasons why a Guardian Air REME Scottsdale installation is a great investment – not only for indoor air quality but to enhance your right to breathe. Read more

guardian air phi

Improve Scottsdale Home Air quality with a Guardian Air Phi

guardian air phiLiving in the desert comes with multiple hurdles to navigate. Whether it’s the extreme heat in summer, the dangerous Haboobs that pop up out of nowhere in August or the frequent dust and dirt we find indoors, there are many items that contribute to creating headaches of living here. However, how often do we factor in our health? The fact is that indoor air quality in the desert is a huge issue. And since many people move to Arizona for health reasons, it stands to reason that finding affordable ways of improving indoor air quality simply makes sense. This is where the Guardian Air PHI technology can significantly help. Read more

guardian air reme purification system

4 Benefits Of Using A Guardian Air REME Purification System

guardian air reme purification systemA reality of living in the desert is that several people move here because of health reasons. There are several ways of reducing respiratory flair ups; but the best is to reduce the trigger factors that cause them. This is why many homeowners in Arizona actively search for affordable and effective products that can improve their indoor air quality. The Guardian Air REME purification system is such a product; that has proven technology of reducing or nearly eliminating 99 percent of the triggers that cause most respiratory attacks. Read more

Tips To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Scottsdale Homes

indoor air pollution in scottsdaleIt’s officially summer and we’re all feeling and dealing with the intense heat. With that, you may find yourself indoors for the majority of the day, which in most cases is good and helps you to stay cool. However, after a while you may start to feel like you need to get outside for some fresh air, even if it is hot outside. The reality is, that the air outside is often times more healthy than the air inside, if you’re not taking important steps to keep your indoor air clean. It is important to consider ways to reduce indoor air pollution in your Scottsdale home.

There are a few things that every home owner can easily do to keep their house smelling fresh and clean and also significantly reduce indoor air pollution and improve everybody’s ability to breathe. Read more

Best Air Purification System For Scottsdale & Phoenix Homes

Best Air Purification SystemOne of the rising concerns facing Scottsdale and Phoenix home owners is finding affordable ways to improve indoor air quality. Facts raised by a recent study completed by the American Lung Institute confirm that nearly 65 percent of homes in the United States have worse air quality inside their homes than heavy smoggy communities like Los Angeles or Salt Lake, Utah during inversion events. However, unlike those cities where you can see the smog, the silent and invisible threat of poor indoor air quality in homes can lead to serious respiratory illness. These facts stimulate many home owners to search for the best air purification system available to keep their family protected from indoor air pollution.

There are three units specifically that have revolutionized the indoor air purification industries in recent years. And believe it or not, these systems are rather affordable. Read more

3 Household Plants That Help Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Scottsdale AZ

indoor air pollution scottsdale

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A growing concern across the globe is the rise of respiratory-related illness and disease. Whether it’s COPD, Asthma, Allergies, Cystic Fibrosis or Influenza, the reality is that at some point in everybody’s life we’ll all deal with troubles breathing. And based on recent research completed by the CDC in Atlanta the primary trigger factor to most respiratory medical conditions is poor indoor air quality. And since we spend most of our lives indoors – either sleeping or inside our homes, finding affordable – yet natural ways to reduce indoor air pollution is no longer a luxury – it’s required for overall lifestyle management.

Here are three common houseplants that Mother Nature has provided us that can significantly improve the air you breathe daily. Read more

3 Ways To Improve Poor Indoor Air Quality In The Desert

improve poor indoor air qualityThe goal of anybody living in the Scottsdale area is to live a high quality of life. Regardless of your economic status, where you live or even your personal belief system, the common goal of all people is to live as healthy as possible. However, did you know that the mission to improve poor indoor air quality is one that can easily be improved? And by simply taking a few important steps, you can improve the air quality inside your home. Read more