Lennox AC Unit vs Trane AC Unit

Lennox AC Units vs Trane AC Units: AC Review & Product Comparison


Lennox AC Unit vs Trane AC UnitQuick question – when it comes to rating a consumer product, like a car, outdoor BBQ or an indoor cooling system of the word “BEST”? Well, in all truth, defining the word BEST is simply not a black or white answer. Some people would argue that the “BEST” item for them is the one that offers the best price, while others point to value or efficiency as being their standard. This is why trying to determine what is the BEST air conditioning system available is honestly one of hardest things to define – especially when you live in a hot weather climate like the Phoenix Metro area.

However, among the two highest rated cooling systems are Lennox and Trane systems. So, instead of trying to determine which one is the best, let’s compare the two openly with facts, so you can determine which one is best suited for your individual application.

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Air Conditioner Depreciation

Air Conditioner Depreciation And Rental Unit Owners Concerns

Air Conditioner Depreciation

A recent report concluded that the Phoenix metro area has the 4th highest rental rate in the United States. From apartment complexes to condos or rental single-family homes, more property owners are seeing the value of investing in housing and renting it to occupants.  It’s well understood that one of the biggest advantages of owning a rental property is the tax benefits and deductions available to the owner. However, when you replace or fix a major appliance inside a rental property, a major consideration is the taxes potentially paid or deducted. And when you have to replace the AC system, you might want to consider air conditioner depreciation as a cost effective method to spread your tax savings and investment over a long-term period.

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HVAC showroom

When Should You Visit an HVAC Showroom?

HVAC showroomThanks to advances in technology for virtually every system in your home, it’s an exciting time to be a Phoenix homeowner. If you’re interested in adding new technology to your home, one of the areas that you should consider is upgrading your HVAC system. However, if you’re like many homeowners, you like to get a hands-on look at that new technology before committing to a purchase.

If you’re considering installing new HVAC technology in your home, your best solution is to spend some time in a showroom that is focused on HVAC systems. Learn when you should plan a visit to an HVAC showroom, and how you can pick the right HVAC unit with help from professionals.

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how to buy an air conditioner

The Ultimate Guide: How To Buy an Air Conditioner in Scottsdale

how to buy an air conditionerBuying an air conditioner is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make as a Scottsdale homeowner, and if you’re like many homeowners, you want to make sure that you’re getting a top of the line model at the right price. However, if you’ve never purchased an air conditioner in the past, it can be hard to know if you’re buying the model that’s right for you.

Fortunately, buying a new air conditioner isn’t as hard as you might believe, particularly when you have access to the right tips. Learn how to buy an air conditioner and discover a few of the factors you should consider before purchasing a unit for your Scottsdale home.

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AC outdoor unit installation estimate

What’s Included in an AC Outdoor Unit Installation Estimate?

AC outdoor unit installation estimateInstalling an outdoor air conditioning unit is one of the biggest, most worthwhile investments that you can make as a homeowner. However, because AC installations are so expensive, it’s common to be nervous that your installation is being handled the right way and that you’re getting high-quality services. It is for this reason that many people schedule an installation estimate prior to hiring an HVAC installation company.

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why does my HVAC whistle

Why Does my HVAC Whistle When It’s Turned On?

why does my HVAC whistleWhen you’re a homeowner, you hope that your HVAC system will run quietly in the background. Unfortunately, even when you schedule regular maintenance, it’s possible for your AC unit to experience problems, including whistling. If your air conditioner whistles whenever it’s turned on, it can be extremely irritating, disrupting your life and setting you on edge. If you want to stop your air conditioner from whistling, it’s a good idea to learn some of the causes of this AC issue. Keep reading to get answers to the question ‘why does my HVAC whistle’ and learn why you may need professional maintenance.

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HVAC repair or replace

HVAC Repair or Replace: Which Option Is Best?

HVAC repair or replaceAfter years of reliable service, it’s likely that your HVAC system will experience some problems that reduce its functionality. When your HVAC system runs into a major issue, you have a lot of decisions to make, but the most important decision is whether you will repair or replace your unit. When you’re trying to decide whether you should replace your unit or schedule a repair, there are several issues that can impact your decision. Decide between HVAC repair or replace by examining some of the advantages of each option and find out why you may need professional help with your decision. Read more

why is my air conditioner freezing up

Why is My Central Air Conditioning Freezing Up?

why is my air conditioner freezing upAs the hot months of the summer approach, many of us worry about our air conditioner’s ability to keep up with the increased workload. An air conditioner that is frequently freezing up can be a serious, stressful situation, making it a good idea to learn about some of the common causes of AC freezing. If you’ve been wondering: Why is my central air conditioning freezing up? Here are a few of the most common causes of this issue and how you can get help.

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do air conditioners need servicing

How Often Do Air Conditioners Need Servicing?

do air conditioners need servicingHomeowners rely on their air conditioners for comfort throughout the year, and when your air conditioner runs into a problem, it can be very concerning. In order to ensure that their air conditioners stay up and running, many Arizona homeowners consider schedule service appointments with an experienced professional. Read more

5 Top Rated Smart Thermostats for Arizona Homeowners

5 Top Rated Smart Thermostats for Arizona Homeowners

5 Top Rated Smart Thermostats for Arizona HomeownersOne of the hottest trends for homeowners in Arizona is choosing to update their home into a smart home. While there are several pieces of equipment that you need for a smart home, the most important is a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to more efficiently heat and cool your home and save big money on your energy bills. Read more