AC hot air problem

3 Causes of an AC Hot Air Problem from My HVAC Unit

AC hot air problemWhen you turn on your air conditioner, you expect to be cooled down in a manner of moments, which is what makes it so frustrating when only hot air comes out of your AC system. If you notice that your air conditioning unit is blowing only hot air, there are a few possible causes that you should examine to fix the problem.

By getting a few tips and a little professional guidance, you should be able to diagnose why hot air is blowing from your air conditioner. Read about some of the potential causes of your AC hot air problem and find out how you can get your system back up and running. Read more

AZ Monsoon Season Ending: What Now for Your AC Unit?

AZ monsoon seasonAfter two long months, monsoon season in Arizona is almost at an end. While this extremely wet time of year has its advantages, the prolonged, often intense rains can have serious effects on your home, including air conditioning units. Although a/c units are specifically designed to withstand the stresses of life outdoors, monsoon season is a different beast from the typical Arizona weather, and once the season is over it’s likely that your unit needs a little dedicated attention to restore normal function. Fortunately, with a little patience and some help from a/c experts, it’s not as hard as you might think to bring your a/c unit back up to speed after an intense season.

Keep reading to learn about what’s next for your a/c unit after the long AZ monsoon season and how you can get maintenance help. Read more

condensate drain line cleaning

Why is a Condensate Drain Line Cleaning Important?

condensate drain line cleaningOut of all the useful duties that your air conditioner performs, the one that is most overlooked is how it removes excess moisture from the air. However, every drop of moisture that your air conditioner removed has to go somewhere, and this is the purpose of the condensation line in your air conditioner. It is important, however, to not take your condensate line for granted and periodically clean it. Read on to learn the importance of condensate drain line cleaning and how regular maintenance can help improve your system’s efficiency and save you money long term. Read more

rebates for air conditioning units

How to Find Rebates for Air Conditioning Units in Tempe

rebates for air conditioning unitsIf you live in the Tempe area, and you are thinking about installing a new air conditioning system in your home, then it is important to know that a new system can be expensive. However, before taking the plunge and buying a new system, it is always a good idea to look around. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to find rebates for air conditioning units, incentives and discounts on the installation and maintenance of your AC system. Read more

air conditioning duct installation

3 Key Air Conditioning Duct Installation Questions to Ask

air conditioning duct installationTempe Arizona offers a great place to live year-round, as most long-term residents would agree, but the hot, dry summer months of the Arizona dessert can pose a challenge to those who like to stay cool. With temperatures rising into the low 100’s, a well-functioning, long-lasting air conditioning system is a must.

When it comes to air conditioning duct installation, it is always in your best interest to keep maintenance in mind, to keep this system running like new. The problem that most of us have is that we do not think about maintaining air until it is too late. We flip on our air conditioners, assuming that everything will work fine every time. Read more

how to install a home AC filter

How to Install a Home AC Filter After a New Unit Set Up

how to install a home AC filterThe air filter might just be the most crucial component in keeping your air conditioner running smoothly and maintaining the air quality in your Tempe home. After you install a new HVAC unit, it is important to install a brand new filter to make sure that your system is running at peak efficiency. However, many homeowners are intimated by this process having never done it for themselves before. Fortunately, it is actually very simple to install a new AC filter by yourself once you have the right information. Read on to learn how to install a home AC filter, and how to make the process easier by getting advice about the process from an AC conditioner expert. Read more

Tempe Air Conditioner Settings for Summer

Tempe Air Conditioner Settings for Summer [3 Tips]

Tempe Air Conditioner Settings for SummerWith summertime only a few short weeks away, homeowners across the country are wondering how they are going to manage to keep their homes cool this summer without having to break the bank. Air conditioners, while extremely useful, can drain your pocketbook if you do not have them set correctly. Fortunately, with a few summertime air conditioner tips, it’s easy to save money and keep your home frosty at the same time. Keep reading to learn the best Tempe air conditioner settings for summer, and why you should consult an AC expert to keep your Tempe home cool all summer long. Read more

measure airflow in ducts

Why Do Tempe Install Experts Measure Airflow in Ducts?

measure airflow in ductsInstalling an air conditioning system is a task that is best left to professionals. When you’re undergoing a new AC install in Tempe, AZ, your air conditioning professional will go through a number of checks to make sure your system is working properly. One of the most important tasks in determining the effectiveness of your air conditioning system is measuring the airflow.

Low air flow is one of the biggest indicators of an issue with your air conditioner, and can lead an experienced AC professional to the source of the issue. Read on to find out how AC professionals measure airflow in ducts and why keeping a consistent level of airflow is important to the health of your AC. Read more

Tempe air conditioner drain pan install

3 Benefits of Tempe Air Conditioner Drain Pan Install

Tempe air conditioner drain pan installWhen you engage in any sort of maintenance, upgrade or repairs to your home air conditioning unit, you want to be sure that you’re installing the right parts in the right places, and you want to make sure that your AC unit installation works properly for a long time. It always pays to be informed and educated any time you tackle any form of technical repair. Learn three benefits of a Tempe air conditioner drain pan install, and how an expert AC unit installation company is essential to your unit. Read more

Tempe home AC condenser unit

Does a Tempe Home AC Condenser Unit Need to Be Level?

Tempe home AC condenser unitSpring is here, and summer is right around the corner—which means the heat in Tempe will soon be rising. The key to making sure that you stay cool through the hottest months of the year is having a fully functioning AC unit. However, air conditioning systems can be very delicate and suffer outages without any warning. Although many people might not realize it, one of the biggest dangers an air conditioning system can face is having an uneven AC condenser unit. Learn why it is important that your Tempe home AC condenser unit stays level and the problems that can result if it is uneven.

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