best air conditioning unit

Top Picks For Best Air Conditioning Unit for Phoenix Arizona

best air conditioning unit

I’m often asked what is the best air conditioning unit for Phoenix Arizona home owners? With the different manufacturers, sizes, shapes, styles, and models of cooling systems made today, it’s not a mystery why this question doesn’t have a simple answer. However, the search for that best air conditioning unit for your home is simplified when you streamline the field to the top three units for our homes here in the Valley of the Sun.

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Lennox AC Unit vs Trane AC Unit

Lennox AC Units vs Trane AC Units: AC Review & Product Comparison


Lennox AC Unit vs Trane AC UnitQuick question – when it comes to rating a consumer product, like a car, outdoor BBQ or an indoor cooling system of the word “BEST”? Well, in all truth, defining the word BEST is simply not a black or white answer. Some people would argue that the “BEST” item for them is the one that offers the best price, while others point to value or efficiency as being their standard. This is why trying to determine what is the BEST air conditioning system available is honestly one of hardest things to define – especially when you live in a hot weather climate like the Phoenix Metro area.

However, among the two highest rated cooling systems are Lennox and Trane systems. So, instead of trying to determine which one is the best, let’s compare the two openly with facts, so you can determine which one is best suited for your individual application.

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how to buy an air conditioner

The Ultimate Guide: How To Buy an Air Conditioner in Scottsdale

how to buy an air conditionerBuying an air conditioner is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make as a Scottsdale homeowner, and if you’re like many homeowners, you want to make sure that you’re getting a top of the line model at the right price. However, if you’ve never purchased an air conditioner in the past, it can be hard to know if you’re buying the model that’s right for you.

Fortunately, buying a new air conditioner isn’t as hard as you might believe, particularly when you have access to the right tips. Learn how to buy an air conditioner and discover a few of the factors you should consider before purchasing a unit for your Scottsdale home.

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AC outdoor unit installation estimate

What’s Included in an AC Outdoor Unit Installation Estimate?

AC outdoor unit installation estimateInstalling an outdoor air conditioning unit is one of the biggest, most worthwhile investments that you can make as a homeowner. However, because AC installations are so expensive, it’s common to be nervous that your installation is being handled the right way and that you’re getting high-quality services. It is for this reason that many people schedule an installation estimate prior to hiring an HVAC installation company.

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HVAC repair or replace

HVAC Repair or Replace: Which Option Is Best?

HVAC repair or replaceAfter years of reliable service, it’s likely that your HVAC system will experience some problems that reduce its functionality. When your HVAC system runs into a major issue, you have a lot of decisions to make, but the most important decision is whether you will repair or replace your unit. When you’re trying to decide whether you should replace your unit or schedule a repair, there are several issues that can impact your decision. Decide between HVAC repair or replace by examining some of the advantages of each option and find out why you may need professional help with your decision. Read more

Adding Central Air To An Old House in Arizona

Adding Central Air to an Old House [Install Checklist]

Adding Central Air To An Old House in ArizonaIf you live in an older home, then it’s possible that you have an older, inefficient air conditioning system. To make sure that your family has the comfort level that they deserve, you should consider adding central air conditioning to your old house. However, installing a central air system in an older home can be stressful if you’re not prepared for the process and are worried about damage to your home. Read more

Central AC Replacement Cost: When Should I Get a New Unit?

Central AC Replacement CostIn Arizona, having a fully functioning central air conditioner is important, keeping our families comfortable all year long. Unfortunately, there will come a point when your tried and true air conditioner needs replacing. When replacing any central air conditioner it can be expensive so, many homeowners wonder exactly when they should get a new unit and how much they should pay for it. By looking out for a few tell-tale signs, you will know when it’s time replace your central air conditioner and how to get the best central AC replacement cost possible. Read more

HVAC safety float switch installation

HVAC Safety Float Switch Installation [3 Benefits]

HVAC safety float switch installationAir Conditioning is vital during the dog days of summer or all year round in warmer climates. Many air conditioning units serve dual functions and also work as humidifiers. These functions require a special switch to help them move between these duties. In this article, we will explain the benefits of HVAC safety float switch installation. Read more

What Air Handler Blower Speed Does an AC Unit Need?

Air handler blower speedFor your air conditioning system to perform at its best, it is important that you set your air handler blower speed at the proper speed. If you are still in the process of installing an AC, consider working with Tempe Arizona HVAC install specialists that will regularly service your system and ensure it is functioning to its utmost ability. If you already have a system and suspect possible issues with its air handler blower speed, here’s what you should do. Read more

How to Test Your HVAC Unit After a New Installation

test your HVAC unitAfter you have had a new HVAC unit installed, you should run it through its paces to make sure that everything is working as it should be. There are three primary areas to look at when you test your HVAC unit: the controls, the ductwork and the vents. An HVAC system that is working efficiently has clear, apparent and near-immediate results, especially in the summer, so the process of testing your AC unit is relatively straightforward. Read more