HVAC repair or replace

HVAC Repair or Replace: Which Option Is Best?

HVAC repair or replaceAfter years of reliable service, it’s likely that your HVAC system will experience some problems that reduce its functionality. When your HVAC system runs into a major issue, you have a lot of decisions to make, but the most important decision is whether you will repair or replace your unit. When you’re trying to decide whether you should replace your unit or schedule a repair, there are several issues that can impact your decision. Decide between HVAC repair or replace by examining some of the advantages of each option and find out why you may need professional help with your decision. Read more

air conditioning tune-up services

How Important are Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services?

air conditioning tune-up servicesIn your home, there is no more important piece of equipment than your air conditioner, and like any piece of equipment, your air conditioner needs regular professional services to stay working its best. Understandably, many homeowners resist scheduling regular tune-up services because of cost and convenience. However, if you want to make sure you get the most out of your air conditioning system, scheduling regular maintenance is of the utmost importance.

Before you schedule an air conditioner tune-up, it can be a good idea to learn about the many benefits of regular service. Read about the importance of air conditioning tune-up services and find out why your air conditioner needs inspection from an experienced contractor. Read more

AZ Monsoon Season Ending: What Now for Your AC Unit?

AZ monsoon seasonAfter two long months, monsoon season in Arizona is almost at an end. While this extremely wet time of year has its advantages, the prolonged, often intense rains can have serious effects on your home, including air conditioning units. Although a/c units are specifically designed to withstand the stresses of life outdoors, monsoon season is a different beast from the typical Arizona weather, and once the season is over it’s likely that your unit needs a little dedicated attention to restore normal function. Fortunately, with a little patience and some help from a/c experts, it’s not as hard as you might think to bring your a/c unit back up to speed after an intense season.

Keep reading to learn about what’s next for your a/c unit after the long AZ monsoon season and how you can get maintenance help. Read more

Air Conditioning Contractors in Carefree

How to Hire Air Conditioning Contractors in Carefree

Air Conditioning Contractors in CarefreeSummers in Arizona can be quite sweltering, so you want to be sure that your AC system works at its peak efficiency. A well-maintained AC system will keep you healthier and save you money, as well as keep you cool in the heat of the high summer. As springtime emerges, now is the ideal time to get started on your annual system maintenance. But how do you determine whether the technician you’re using is the best? Here are some tips on how to find air conditioning contractors in Carefree to make sure your service is top-notch.  Read more

why is my air conditioner tripping the circuit breaker

Why is My Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

why is my air conditioner tripping the circuit breakerThe unknown often triggers a natural cause of stress. Whether it’s trying to diagnose a mysterious problem with a car – or the ultimate question as to why is my air conditioner tripping the circuit breaker; the fact remains that some things simply can’t be explained simply. However, when it comes to the AC issue that many Arizona residents experience on a daily basis, the root cause of these problems can be rather simple for an expert AC technician to determine. But are there things you can do yourself to pre-diagnose this common problem?

Here are a few of the common reasons why an AC system will trip the circuit breaker – and what you can do to prevent this from happening again once the problem is solved by a Scottsdale HVAC repair company. Read more

common summertime air conditioner problems in arcadia

Common Summertime Air Conditioner Problems in Arcadia

common summertime air conditioner problems in arcadiaRaise your hand if you’ve ever had the displeasure of calling the AC repair company in Arcadia on a 100+ degree day. Let’s face it, this is never a pleasant experience – even for the hard working technicians that service the unit outside in the intense heat. However, the reality is that several of the common summertime air conditioner problems in Arcadia and surrounding areas in Phoenix can be simply avoided through routine maintenance and service.

It is important to understand what the issues might be, so we can learn how we as homeowners can proactively prevent these troublesome and often stressful and time-consuming repairs from happening in the first place. Here are three of the most common problems that AC systems experience in the intense summer heat. Read more

Is a Home AC Freon Leak Dangerous in Extreme Arizona Heat?

home ac Freon leakIn Arizona, dependence on a solid running AC system is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Among the leading causes of air conditioning system failure is a home AC Freon leak that not only will impact the overall performance of your cooling system; but it can be dangerous for you and your family in the heat of Arizona.

It’s important to understand some of the dangers of having a Freon leak from your cooling system, how to determine if you have a Freon leak and what you can do to get it repaired as quickly as possible – with as little expense as well. Read more

Tips For A Successful Lennox AC Repair In Ahwatukee

Lennox AC Repair In AhwatukeeAnytime you deal with an authorized dealer of any major mechanical system to complete repairs – you’re making a smart choice. Whether it’s taking your Lexus to a dealership or Lexus specialist mechanic or calling the Maytag man to fix your washing machine, the facts confirm that authorized dealers are always the best bet to call in case of a problem. Such is the case when looking for Lennox AC repair in Ahwatukee.

There are several reasons why Lennox dealers in Ahwatukee should be the first call if you’re having any issues with your cooling system that is built by Lennox. Read more

How to Avoid Costly AC Repair in Scottsdale AZ Homes

AC Repair in ScottsdaleSometimes in life – stuff just happens that is completely out of our control. But when it comes down to AC repair in Scottsdale, more often than not, there are simple things that could have been done to prevent that expensive repair job. Now, just for clarification, we’re not going to play the role of Captain Hindsight – but it is critical to learn how we can avoid this problem in the future by activating a simple maintenance checklist that is simple, cost effective and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Here are three items that should be included in everybody’s monthly HVAC service checklist that when done properly can provide you with loads of benefits. Read more

3 Issues That Cause Air Conditioner Repair in Carefree AZ

Air Conditioner Repair in Carefree AZIt’s very common for home owners in Carefree to contact the local home air conditioner repair company for a pre-summer fix. In fact, the majority of cooling system repairs is often completed right after the AC systems are turned on for the first time – between early April and into May. However, contrary to what your neighbors might tell you, it is possible to reduce the potential of having to have air conditioner repair in Carefree AZ completed.

Here are three of the most common issues that tend to lead to residential AC repair. Read more