how to find air duct leaks

How to Find Air Duct Leaks in Your Scottsdale Home

how to find air duct leaksAs a cost-conscious homeowner, you want to make sure that your home is as efficient as possible, and this includes your air conditioner. However, it can be easy to ignore this appliance, and when your air conditioner unnoticeably runs below peak efficiency, it can result in a very frustrating situation. The main culprit in air conditioner inefficiency is air leaks within your system, causing heat and air loss, alongside increased energy bills.

Addressing these air leaks early on will ensure maximum air conditioner performance and the low energy costs that you need as a homeowner. Learn how to find air duct leaks so that your Scottsdale air conditioner is running at its peak efficiency all year long. Read more

Sealing Air Conditioning Ducts in AZ: How Important is It?

Sealing Air Conditioning Ducts in AZMaintaining your air conditioning system so that it operates at peak efficiency involves a lot of factors. While most people know about tasks like keeping your filters clean and periodically scheduling maintenance checks, fewer Arizona homeowners understand the importance of sealing their air conditioning ducts. In reality, sealing your air conditioning ducts is probably the most important thing you can do to protect your AC system, both for its overall functioning and to protect your family’s health. Fortunately, with expert assistance, sealing your ducts is actually a straightforward process that comes with a lot of benefits for your home, your family and your wallet.

Read on to learn the importance of sealing air conditioning ducts in AZ and how an HVAC expert can help. Read more

can duct cleaning reduce allergies

Can Duct Cleaning Reduce Allergies in My Phoenix Home?

can duct cleaning reduce allergiesA reality of living in the desert is that allergy season never seems to quit. However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why this is the case? Believe it or not, most allergy sufferers don’t realize the triggers, factors or why they suffer allergies in the first place. The reality is that if you keep the air you breathe inside a home clean; it will significantly reduce the potential of triggering attacks. This is the primary reason why many homeowners ask; can duct cleaning reduce allergies from occurring?

Let’s take a look at the several reasons why taking the proactive step to keep your air ducts clean will significantly reduce the potential of allergy attacks from occurring in the first place. Read more

detecting leaks in ductwork

3 Tips for Detecting Leaks in Ductwork

detecting leaks in ductworkAccording to the US Department of Energy, leaking ductwork inside a home or commercial building is the leading cause of air conditioning inefficiency in America. For those that might not be aware of what ductwork actually is, essentially, it’s the veins of your cooling system. It transfers warm air from the building into the cooling system, and then shuttles the recently chilled air back into the home or office building. Although we know that leaking ducts is not a great thing, detecting leaks in ductwork is one of the most difficult things to accomplish.

Here are a few tips to help you find leaks in ductwork and what you can do to: Read more