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Carefree residents love many things about their unique community. There’s the fun Wild West spirit of Frontier Town, chic and scenic The Boulders Resort, and the quaint El Pedregal shopping area.

Living in such a picturesque area usually outweighs any negatives. The biggest downfall for most Carefree residents is the unwelcome heat that rears its ugly head every summer.

Air Conditioning Issues to be on the Lookout for if you live in Carefree, Arizona

It’s so easy to take our air conditioner for granted. We relax, eat our meals, watch TV, and gather with family in our nice, cool, air conditioned homes. But the minute the air conditioner malfunctions, a crisis ensues. Sometimes all we need is to provide a little maintenance along the way and to keep our eyes open for small problems that can be nipped in the bud.

Some of those things include:

  • Being cognizant of how often you turn your air conditioner on and off. If you do it too much, you could corrode the compressor and cause the air fans to wear out. If you think you might be guilty of this, you should contact an HVAC contractor.
  • Leaks in the refrigerant. Your first inclination might be to just top it off. But if there’s a leak, that means there’s a hole. And that means it needs to be repaired. A contractor should do the job to ensure the leak is fixed, tested and the correct amount of refrigerant is added.
  • Making sure your sensor is firmly in place. Any little movement can cause big problems as the whole unit will act inconsistently and inefficiently if the sensor gets moved out of place.
  • Recognizing when there’s excess moisture, especially during Carefree’s monsoon season. Improper drainage can lead to big problems.
  • Failing to keep the filters and coils clean. Too much dirt likely means you’ll have an underachieving air conditioner. An HVAC contractor in Carefree should be called out to check the coils and the filter is something you should be on top of each month.

Keeping cool during the summer months begins with an HVAC company that will meet all your Carefree Az air conditioning needs. Whether it’s an inspection, tune-up, repair or installment, Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling is committed to your comfort.

Scottsdale Air has been providing the best HVAC installation and air conditioning repair in Carefree Arizona with unsurpassed HVAC service for the past 64 years. If you want a company that will promptly inspect your air conditioner, determine what you need to do to keep it running smoothly and fully explain all your options, then call Scottsdale Air for a service call at (480) 359-7141.

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 Tips for Staying Comfortable in Carefree, AZ during the Summer

But you don’t have to hibernate to survive the summer months. There are a handful of small measures you can take that, when done together, can contribute to a cool, comfortable summer in your Carefree, AZ home.

When the heat starts to show itself, you can begin by:

  • Promising yourself you’ll be good about changing the air filters every month. Clean filters keep your air conditioner running efficiently.
  • Calling out a professional HVAC contractor to provide tune-ups to your air conditioner. This can help prevent bigger and more costly issues down the road and into the heat of the season.
  • Doing some seasonal weatherstripping. Simple rubber weatherstripping can be easily placed at the bottom of doors and inside window panes to prevent the hot outdoor air from getting inside. It’s an easy, inexpensive step to take.
  • Using fans to circulate the cool air. Ceiling and portable fans can make it feel two or three degrees cooler than it actually is.
  • Closing all your shutters, curtains, and blinds. A little darkness never hurt anybody, and you’ll feel cooler as the fierce sun is blocked out in the heat of the day.
  • Planting trees outside your windows to create some shade on the side of your house and drop the temperature a few degrees in the vicinity of the tree.
  • Getting energy-efficient light bulbs. Gone are the days of using the heat-inducing incandescent bulbs. Instead, go for compact fluorescents. This switch-out translates to using just one-fifth the heat and energy.

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