Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling is partnered with AEROSEAL, a leading provider in effective air duct sealing equipment to provide our customers with a reliable and effective way to ensure their HVAC system is air tight, sealed to ensure complete effectiveness and works at peak efficiency; reducing energy usage and keeping your home operating as energy efficiently as possible.

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When you have a leak in a water system it is very easy to identify the problem. Traditionally you can visibly see the dripping water, lack of water pressure and even damage caused by the water leak to other materials. But what about an HVAC system that is losing air? That’s not as visible or noticeable. As such, it’s important to find, detect and repair these gaps in the heating and air conditioning system to ensure complete effectiveness.


STEP 1: Block all the register openings with foam plugs, then we pressurize the duct system with a calibrated fan, Since the register openings are plugged with foam plugs, the air can only escape from the duct through the leaks.

STEP 2: Measure the leakage in total square inches and cubic feet of air loss.

STEP 3: Once we  have completed the pre-test and document the duct leakage we will start to seal the duct from the inside out, by injecting a dry polymer into the duct, the polymers will only build up where the leaks are – sealing the air duct.

STEP 4: When we are finished we provide the home owner with a written report.

Both APS and SRP offer a $400 utility rebate when you have your duct sealed. 

The AEROSEAL system can improve the efficiency of any HVAC system by up to 90%. When not treated however, leaking ductwork in most residential homes tends to lead to several negative impacts including:


  • Loss of warm and cool conditioned air. When air ducts are leaking air; the direct result is that warm air intended to heat your home or cold air designed to cool your interior living is lost. This equates to lack of efficient production of the HVAC unit.
  • Air, leaking from air ducts into the attic,  causes the attic to develop a positive pressure, since the leaking air came from the house, the house now has a negative pressure. The pressure imbalance caused by duct leakage will push the air from the attic into the house.  Attic air infiltration causes excessive dust, immeasurable energy losses, and fills the house with allergy irritants.
  • Increased energy bill cost. When the above occurs, this also impacts the HVAC unit ability to run efficiently. This causes the unit to consume more power to maintain a temperature or increase or decrease a temperature.

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Benefits of having AEROSEAL air duct sealing service conducted:

Scottsdale Air and Heating and Cooling is dedicated to ensuring all customers receive the absolute best return on their investment. And by partnering with AEROSEAL products and providing this advanced air tight technology to seal and completely clean every HVAC air duct system; your overall cost of keeping your HVAC unit running smooth and efficient year round will be significantly reduced.

  • Save money on monthly energy bills all year long: By having your air ducts sealed with AEROSEAL products and service, your HVAC unit will run more efficient during the entire year – both summer and winter months.
  • More comfort in your home: When your HVAC duct work is sealed and cooling or warming air does not escape; the direct result is a better overall living environment.
  • Improved air quality: Sealed air ducts also increase the flow rate and ability of air to be circulated through ventilation filters designed to keep the air you breathe clean and crisp. This allows you to live a higher quality of life and reduce your chances of developing common colds, or other breathing impacted conditions.

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