Air, leaking from air ducts into the attic,  causes the attic to develop a positive pressure, since the leaking air came from the house, the house now has a negative pressure. The pressure imbalance caused by duct leakage will push the air from the attic into the house.  Attic air infiltration causes excessive dust, immeasurable energy losses, and fills the house with allergy irritants.


CASE STUDY: Home Owner Reduces Duct Leakage By 89%

Being unhappy with the amount of dust in the air, high electric bills and poor performance from the heating & air conditioning unit meant it was time to call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling to perform an Air Duct Assessment. You’ll be amazed at what happened next…

  • Scottsdale resident had concerns about indoor air qality and called for a duct assessment.
  • Following a full assessment the home owner was notified that the ducts had multiple cracks and leaks that needed to be repaired.
  • To resolve this issue, Scottsdale Air was hired to complete an Air Duct Sealing at the home.
  • Using cutting edge AeroSeal technology that seals from the inside out, Scottsdale Air completed the air duct sealing service.
  • We performed a final assessment on the duct work to determine how well the AeroSeal worked. The test showed a massive 89% reduction in leakage.

The best part about performing air duct sealing services is that we are helping people improve their indoor air quality and keep their family safe, but we are also helping to save home and building owners money on wasted energy bills. If you have concerns about the state of your air ducts and the safety of your indoor air quality, call Scottsdale Air today to learn more about how we can help.

Scottsdale Air Duct Sealing Test Results

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Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling is partnered with AEROSEAL, a leading provider in effective air duct sealing equipment to provide our customers with a reliable and effective way to ensure their HVAC system is air tight, sealed to ensure complete effectiveness and works at peak efficiency; reducing energy usage and keeping the air you breathe inside your home as healthy as possible.



Block all the register openings with foam plugs, then we pressurize the duct system with a calibrated fan, Since the register openings are plugged with foam plugs, the air can only escape from the duct through the leaks.


Measure the leakage in total square inches and cubic feet of air loss.


Once we have completed the pre-test and document the duct leakage we will start to seal the duct from the inside out, by injecting a dry polymer into the duct, the polymers will only build up where the leaks are – sealing the air duct.


When we are finished we provide the home owner with a written report.

(Both APS and SRP will pay you a rebate to have your duct sealed).

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Benefits of Having AEROSEAL Air Duct Sealing Service Conducted:

Scottsdale Air and Heating and Cooling is dedicated to ensuring all customers receive the absolute best return on their investment. By partnering with AEROSEAL products and providing this advanced air tight technology to seal and completely clean every HVAC air duct system; your overall cost of keeping your HVAC unit running smooth and efficient year round will be significantly reduced.

  • Save money on monthly energy bills all year long: By having your air ducts sealed with AEROSEAL products and service, your HVAC unit will run more efficient during the entire year – both summer and winter months.
  • More comfort in your home: When your HVAC duct work is sealed and cooling or warming air does not escape; the direct result is a better overall living environment.
  • Improved air quality: Sealed air ducts also increase the flow rate and ability of air to be circulated through ventilation filters designed to keep the air you breathe clean and crisp. This allows you to live a higher quality of life and reduce your chances of developing common colds, or other breathing impacted conditions.

To get more information about making your home more efficient and healthy, call the team at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling.

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Thank you for your expert help in turning Moonlight Lane into a really cool place again! All the best.

Edward L. JR P.C

We recently had our 18 year old heating and air conditioning units replaced by Scottsdale Air. My wife and I were very much impressed by the installation crew. The crew was professional, knowledgeable and very tidy. The entire processes both installation and the air-o-seal were flawless. Should you be considering an A/C replacement we would highly recommend the people at Scottsdale Air.

Michael & Lynne C.

As we all know a business that sells “service” can be very difficult at times. The product can be perfect, but if the service is bad nothing else is remembered. Unfortunately, some customer can always make time to complain but very few will take the time to pay a compliment.

We have had contact with quite a few members of your team, starting with the first day I met you and continuing on with your office staff and field technicians. All of them represent you and your company in a professional manner.

Once again, thank you for the excellent service. Your contribution to the Heating and Cooling Industry is a real pleasure.

William B.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the aeroseal crew that came out to my house today. They were on time, organized and conducted themselves in a very professional manner. They explained to me the process before, during and after the job. They answered all my questions and took care of all my concerns. They put everything back in place and did an excellent clean-up job. I thanks the guys and let them know I would be contacting Scottsdale Air to let you know what a great job they did.

Herbert S.

Just want to thank you for your prompt and courteous service.

Scottsdale Air has ALWAYS been very responsive and your staff is awesome.  The gentleman and ladies who work for you are polite, knowledgeable, and efficient.  Everything was explained to me and taken care of exactly as conveyed.

Thank you so much.

Max C.

Mike, I wanted to thank you again for recommending the Aero Seal, we noticed the difference right away. Your guys that came out to do it were awesome too.

One of them showed me how my coils in my air handler were not mounted correctly, so the drain pain wasn’t draining until the water got to a certain level. I wanted to schedule something to get this done. I could see where it was already causing rust and corrosion.

Tim W.

We replaced our 20 year old air conditioner with a new Trane energy efficient unit. Mike the owner of the company had come to our house to give us estimate and recommendation. I was surprised to learn our house was not insulated well. We had the insulation done before getting a new air conditioner. The new unit runs very quietly and the cooling is very comfortable. The technicians were polite and professional. Workmanship was excellent. They clearly explained the operation of the unit before leaving. I would highly recommend this company.

Sunil S.

I was looking for estimates to replace my original A/C with a high efficiency Trane system. I met with Mike, who was very thorough and followed HVAC industry standards by performing a J-load calculation to ensure a proper fit/size with my house. Not only was the estimate completed using proper HVAC guidelines; but the proposal price was the lowest of all the others I received. The installers were very professional, courteous and clean. They did such a great job, I am using them to replace another system in a house I own with a senior parent.

Ken R.

All work was done professionally in a workmanlike manner and the job site was left clean and orderly. I have a completely new system, quiet and efficient, installed by a company and people that I trust and that really displayed that they cared about what I wanted. I couldn’t be happier and I will be using Scottsdale Air to keep my system tuned and repaired as necessary in the future. I highly recommend them.

Jerry N.

Needed four new air conditioning units for my home. Knowing it would be quite expensive I sought quotes and interviews with four other vendors. Met with the owner of Scottsdale Air and liked him from the start. He was prompt and professional and explained my options better than anyone else. His pricing was as good or better than all of the others. They started the project on time, finished in a prompt fashion and were extremely neat and clean. All personnel were courteous, professional and very helpful. Several months have now gone by and we have only had a couple of service requests. The response was immediate and very thorough. I would use this contractor again in a heart beat. There are far too many service providers out there that have a great sales pitch followed by mediocre service or products. These guys, by contrast, are the real deal. Professional from beginning to end. Cannot say enough for them.

Larry M.

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