AC Service and Repair ScottsdaleIf you’re building a new home or repairing the one you currently own, there often comes the need to install HVAC systems to keep your property warm during winter and cool during the hot Arizona summer months. Contrary to popular belief, the complete installation of any HVAC unit is a highly skilled process that requires several important steps to be completed to ensure proper use; application and safety of HVAC units are met.

Scottsdale Air & Heating has 60+ years of experience in installing a wide-range of Heating and Air Conditioning systems for both business and residential use. And with each specific unit comes different steps needed to be completed to ensure proper installation. There are a few steps that any licensed HVAC contractor needs to complete to before installing any HVAC system which include:

Review the Individual Home or Business Heating and Cooling Requirements

  • The ventilation needs of the building. This includes understanding the type of windows the building uses, how many are installed, the size of the building in question, how many floors, and how many people occupy the building on a normal and maximum level.
  • Verify the heating and cooling loads. This is determined by a professional HVAC contractor by analyzing the building’s square footage and using new computer software programs that are specifically designed to insure the right HVAC system is used for the right application.

Review Current Duct Work or Custom Design Duct Work to Match Heating & Cooling Requirements

Trane XL20i air conditioning system

The second step in installing HVAC units is to inspect the existing duct work in existing buildings or to custom design a duct work system that will ensure the heating and cooling requirements notated above are obtained though efficient use of energy. This is accomplished by verifying the following services are met:

  • The duct work needs to be air tight. Escaping air from lose fitting duct work will lead to lack of efficiency of any Heating or Air Conditioning unit. This is why either existing or new duct work needs to be inspected and repairedif needed to ensure proper installation of HVAC units.
  • The duct work needs to be free of toxins. Another part of the inspection process is to verify that the duct work does not contain any foreign debris that can be burnt or will produce toxins from entering the air filtration system

Having your duct work inspected and designed for peak efficiency is important. This allows you to have peace of mind known that their HVAC system operates under green standards and will save you money in monthly energy costs.

Install a HVAC Unit With an Emphasis on Energy Efficiency & Reliability

The final step in installing any HVAC unit is selecting the right heating or air conditioning unit that will produce results you are expect while saving valuable energy resources along the way. This traditionally begins by installing Energy Star® rated HVAC units or other HVAC units such as heat pump systems that draw upon natural resources as opposed to fossil fuel or electricity to create a more environmentally friendly HVAC system; which is cost effective and will keep each property properly heated or cooled all year long.

Scottsdale Air Services Multiple Communities

We also take pride in having vast resources to extend our air conditioning services to (11) Phoenix and West Valley communities and cities including:

  • Scottsdale AC & Heating Installation
  • Tempe AC & Heating Installation
  • Fountain Hills AC & Heating Installation
  • Ahwatukee AC & Heating Installation
  • Arcadia AC & Heating Installation
  • Carefree AC & Heating Installation
  • Chandler AC & Heating Installation
  • Gilbert AC & Heating Installation
  • Phoenix AC & Heating Installation
  • Mesa AC & Heating Installation
  • Paradise Valley AC & Heating Installation

air conditioning and heating installation

Qualified & Professional Installation Experts

Here at Scottsdale Air, we’ve been installing AC & Heating Units for 60+ years. Our success in the industry is a reflects our focused attention to detail, top-notch customer service and the high level of knowledge our technicians cary with them into every project. All of our technicians are all non-commission so you don’t have to worry about being pushed to purchase anything you don’t need, you’ll simply be guided through your purchase options by a professional that can answer all of your questions.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest-rated service to every customer. As such, we’ve been recognized with six Trane® Distinguished Dealer service awards as well as being a top rated company on Angie’s List for several years.

If you’re HVAC unit is old or has broken down beyond repair in your home or office give Scottsdale Air Heating and Cooling a call today at (480) 359-7141. We’re excited to help you replace your old unit and install a new system that best suits your needs financially and environmentally. Call 480-359-7141 today!